Hamburg grain exchange

The Hamburg grain exchange is the only still active exchange under the roof of the Hamburg stock exchange. Annually three supraregional north Germans exchanges are organized, which are visited by 400 - 500 participants

The quotation commission meets once a week and notes prices for 12 different products. The quotations are published in the technical literature and are given to the knowledge of the agencies of the agricultural administration in Bonn and Brussels.


Quotations can be viewed here..


One of the most substantial tasks exists in the execution of arbitral tribunals, about 70 – 80 procedures are completed annually. Arbitrals are of fundamental importance , they are published in the law reports of the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg. At present 30 different contracts and/or conditions are at disposal.

Exchange executive committee of the Hamburger Getreidebörse


Steen Houengaard, ABK Agentur für Getreide und Futtermittel GmbH

Jens Kaß, Schlüter & Maack GmbH

Jochen Kemme, Kornumstecher-Gesellschaft mbH

Malte Thomsen, Köster Marine Proteins GmbH



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Northern European Main Exchange at Handelskammer Hamburg

Date: August 22nd, 2:30pm

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